No Desire For Sex: What To Do?

No desire for sex occurs more often than one believes. The longer a relationship lasts, the less sex generally takes place. As long as both are satisfied, everything is fine. However, if one of the partners is unhappy, then there is a solution to be found. First of all, you go in search of the reasons for the dwindling sexual desire. Sexologist in Noida, Delhi introduces the most important sex killers and suggest solutions. Because often it is only trifles that let the desire to awaken with the partner.

What to do if the desire for sex disappears?

In terms of sex, many people are under enormous pressure. Because often the more you have sex, the better. However, one-fifth of all couples now live in a sexless marriage. "Sexless" means: There is still sex, but not more than ten times a year.

These are not pairs beyond the seventy or eighty. They are between thirty and forty and thus far from the midlife crisis or menopause. What is the reason that so many people have so little sex? The best sexologist in Noida, Delhi explains here.

  1. Sex is overrated

The first reason may be that sex is completely overrated and it is basically normal to have sex once a month or even once a week when both are relaxed and can spend time together.

However, some people had sex much more often in the past and felt very comfortable with it. But in the course of time, sex has gone far and better out of her life. Because they just do not feel like it anymore. Why is it?

  1. Poor sex quality

Poor sex quality is one of the common reasons why women, in particular, prefer not to have sex and do not want to fancy the popular headache. Here the solution is called communication! Because if the other does not know where the problem lies, nothing can change, says sexologist doctor in Noida, Delhi.

  1. Stress

Many people experience stress at their peak, for example, when working or playing sports. Sex is rarely one of them. Because stress is a real sex killer, says the best sexologist doctor in Noida, Delhi. If you are stressed out frequently, look for ways to escape the stress.

Plan your day or week with more freedom - and in the few free hours, do not just sit in front of the TV, but practice a relaxation method, such as progressive Jacobsen muscle relaxation, meditation, autogenic training or whatever you like.

  1. Relationship problems

Of course, if there are problems in the relationship, it is not easy to have sex with just that partner. The desire fades, as the problems hover over the relationship like a dark cloud. You feel unfairly treated, misunderstood, perhaps cheated or not taken seriously. However, many people need the feeling of being safe and close to their partner in order to develop their lust for sex. But if you fight constantly or close yourself to one of the partners, then no more closeness can arise, says sexologist in Ghaziabad, Delhi.

Problems can basically be solved if everyone is prepared to speak openly, to stop playing games, to be honest (even to themselves) and to compromise. Often, it also helps to take one another's perspective in order to better understand it. What works wonders is an apology that comes from the heart. It can heal many wounds and be the chance for a new beginning.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol breaks down inhibitions and makes it easier to have sex. But if you overdo it, the libido will disappear, says the best sexologist in Ghaziabad, Delhi. Also, not every partner likes an alcoholic banner - let alone sex with a drunkard. Although alcohol can increase the number of one-night stalls if you want it, if you want more sex with your partner, restraint is more important when it comes to alcohol, especially if the other is not likes to drink.

  1. Lack of sleep

If you have a lack of sleep, then it is almost normal if the desire for sex is missing. Therefore, take care of enough sleep. Spend less time watching TV / PC / Tablet and prefer to go to bed earlier.

If sleep disorders are the reason for your lack of sleep, then it might make sense to still have sex, as it can demonstrably improve sleep disorders. Therefore, let yourself be seduced despite tiredness and observe how this measure affects your sleep quality, suggests the best sexologist doctor in Ghaziabad, Delhi.

  1. Children

If children suddenly belong to the family, then the desire to have sex diminishes for different reasons. You set other priorities, take care of the children and do not have so much time for the partner. In the evening you fall dead tired into bed and is glad, if not after an hour, the first already crying or want to crawl into the parent's bed.

Nevertheless, take time for your partner regularly. Look after a babysitter who can take over the children for a few hours. Even the grandparents or aunts/uncles can possibly be clamped from time to time. Later, the children can spend the night with friends - and you will have time for togetherness again.

  1. Medicines

Some medications reduce libido. Tragically, the contraceptive pill can be one of them. So you take a pill to be able to have safe sex, but exactly because of this pill has no desire for sex, says sexologist doctor in Ghaziabad, Delhi.

Other medications that can reduce the desire for sex include the following:

  • antidepressants
  • Antihypertensives
  • chemotherapeutics
  • Finasteride (for hair loss)
  • Diuretics (dehydrator)
  • heart medicines
  • cholesterol-lowering drug

If you do not feel like having sex and you are taking any of these medications or other medicines, talk to your sexologist in Gurgaon, Delhi about it. Maybe you can reduce the dose or get another medicine that does not have this side effect.

  1. Low self-esteem

Some people do not feel well in their own skin. There is a lack of self-esteem. You feel too fat, too thin, too bulky, too muscular - in short, too unattractive. No wonder 50 - 60 percent of Indians prefer sex in the dark. They lack the necessary self-confidence to even let the light during sex, says the best sexologist in Gurgaon, Delhi.

If your partner belongs to this type of human, then it may be that he does not feel like having sex in daylight, simply because he is ashamed of his body. Take him/her the concerns. Tell him/her how beautiful, unique and sexy you find him or her.

If you are the one who is not really satisfied with your body then there are at least two possibilities. Either you learn that beautiful bodies do not have to be perfect and that they are as you are or you are now taking various measures (sports, diet changes) to shape your body the way you would like it!

  1. Overweight

Overweight can make the desire for sex disappear. Either because of the low self-esteem mentioned above or because you cannot move as you like.

Fat tissue is also a hormonally active tissue. It converts testosterone into the female hormone estrogen. Overweight men therefore often have a lower testosterone level and thus less desire. Also, the penis is less well supplied with blood in overweight, which reduces the stability and can lead to erectile dysfunction, says the best sexologist doctor in Gurgaon, Delhi.

Anyone who reduces his or her excess weight will soon not only feel better and more mobile but will automatically feel more like sex again.

  1. Erection problems

Of course, erectile dysfunction or too early ejaculation is also a reason to have less appetite for sex. Because once it did not work out as desired, then men are often under pressure and fear that it will not work again next time. However, this fear is counterproductive and virtually promotes failure, says sexologist doctor in Gurgaon, Delhi.

Talk to your partner in any case, which will be a great relief. Together, you can test measures that, on the one hand, increase your erection and, on the other hand, prevent premature ejaculation. On the Internet, you will find numerous help under these search terms.

  1. Not enough testosterone

Testosterone provides the desire for sex. With age, however, the level of testosterone decreases continuously. Some men then lose their libido, says sexologist in Faridabad, Delhi. However, there is much that can be done to increase testosterone levels again or at least halt its decline.

  1. Depression

Anyone who is depressed generally does not feel like doing anything at all - and so does not enjoy sex. Here it is not helpful to treat the sexual aversion. Instead, depression must be the focus of treatment. If the depression subsides, the desire for sex also returns, says the best sexologist in Faridabad, Delhi.

14th menopause

Many women lose their desire for sex during menopause. This is not surprising, as they experience physical changes in this phase that do not make sex comfortable, such as a dry vaginal mucosa and pain during sex, says the best sexologist doctor in Faridabad, Delhi.

But there are natural remedies for the typical menopausal symptoms. Also, a therapy with bioidentical hormones, hormones that are similar to the body's own hormones, can make the menopause - if symptoms set - much more pleasant.

  1. Pushing or begging

If one of the partners - mostly the man - just cannot stand it anymore and makes clumsy allusions to finally get back on the train ... then this does not promote the pleasure of the other. On the contrary. Empathy would be appropriate here.

Because often the woman has everything in her ears, so right now she does not need candles or other romantic touches to get in the mood, but maybe just someone who helps and sees what to do. Someone who overdue repairs take care of the garden, walks with the children for a few hours in the woods or on the sports field or sometimes - without any request - the dishes.

Relief in everyday life leads to more relaxation - and who is relaxed, can only develop the desire for sex, says sexologist doctor in Faridabad, Delhi

Sexual Advices: Have a full sexual life

Having a full sex life is very important and often we do not take it into account. That is, we may not live our sexuality satisfactorily due to certain fears, prejudices, taboos or communication problems. For this, it is important that we know different sexual advice by sexologist in Noida. The goal is to make our intimate relationships more exciting.

Living a good sex life means experiencing physical, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality, says the best sexologist in Noida.


When we experience intimate relationships, we look for something satisfactory. That is, we can discover different techniques or sexual advice to make our sex an act of total enjoyment, says best sexologist doctor in NoidaFor this, it is essential to dedicate time, creativity and imagination. That is, seeking pleasure is something that is not always so easy and needs us to invest energy.

To improve our sexual life we ​​can incorporate certain habits that increase our pleasure. We must always seek our own desire, respecting our partner, suggests sexologist doctor in Noida

Some sexual tips to improve your sex life are:

  • Have a healthy life: have a healthy diet, sleep the necessary hours, do sport, etc. They are aspects that help our sexuality. On the contrary... drinking, smoking or taking drugs will worsen our sexual performance, says sexologist in Ghaziabad.
  • Personal hygiene: to achieve a healthier and more pleasant sexual life, it is important to take care of your intimate hygiene.
  • Accept and know your body: It is important to accept and love yourself to enjoy sex. To feel sexual pleasure you have to know yourself and seek your own pleasure.
  • Safe sex: use condoms to prevent possible sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies.
  • Forget prejudices: try to innovate and try new things without being overpowered by fear, shame or sexual taboos.
  • Confidence in the couple: talk about our desires, fantasies or preferences with our partner, always improve our sexual relations, says the best sexologist in Ghaziabad.
  • Relax: letting go and learning to relax helps us to perceive sexual and pleasurable stimuli.

When we experience new sexual advice, we discover things that we like, knowing ourselves more intimately and improving the sexual outcome.


To enjoy sex you have to learn, so it is not surprising that many times we do not know how to do it. That is, if we feel that our sex life is not full, we should ask for sexual advice. For this, we can always have a professional like sexologist in Faridabad in a natural way and without embarrassment. With the help of best sexologist in Faridabad, we will learn to develop the full potential of our sexuality.

There are many causes why we cannot have a more pleasant sex life. If you think that you do not feel pleasure, sexual desire, you do not reach orgasm, sex is monotonous, etc ... together with a sexologist in Gurgaonyou can solve your doubts. Also, you can acquire sexual skills and advice to improve your intimate relationships. You can count on our team of best sexologist in Gurgaon whenever you need it, we are here to help you. 

Most frequent sexual problems in men and women

Sexual problems, common in both men and women. Enjoying good health extends, beyond the psychological and physical, to the sexual domain. However, there are people who can not fully enjoy their sexuality. This is because they suffer from some type of sexual dysfunction that prevents them from having healthy and pleasurable sex this is what the best sexologist in Noida explains.

Sexual problems interfere in our life in general. These affect our relationship of couple, self-esteem, health and quality of life in general, says sexologist in Noida.


Among the most frequent female sexual dysfunctions or problems are vaginismus, anorgasmia and lack of sexual desire.


When we suffer from this type of sexual disorder, intercourse is experienced with a lot of pain or penetration is impossible. A spasm of the muscles of the vagina occurs involuntarily and automatically. A large part of the causes is usually a psychic. Women who suffer from it can enjoy sexual games, oral sex, etc. Also, they can reach orgasm through sexual behaviors that do not include penetration, says sexologist doctor in Noida.

Female anorgasmia:

It is one of the most frequent female sexual dysfunctions.  The anorgasmia is the inability or difficulty of some women to reach orgasm. All this even though there is sexual desire and adequate stimulation and excitement are received. It is related to anxiety, depression, myths or prejudices about sexuality. Also with learned attitudes and religious beliefs, says the best sexologist doctor in Noida.

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (TDSH):

It is one of the most common reasons for consultation by sexologist in GhaziabadIt is a marked decrease in sexual desire.  This usually generates a lot of anxiety and great discomfort. It is not caused by physical, biological or substance or drug use, explains the best sexologist in Ghaziabad.

On the contrary, the most common sexual problems among men are the following: premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction:

Premature ejaculation:

It is the most frequent sexual disorder in male sex.  When we suffer from premature ejaculation, we can not voluntarily control the desired moment to ejaculate. In the most serious cases, we ejaculate before penetration or just after it. We can say that it occurs before both members want it, causing serious problems in their sexual relationship, says sexologist in Faridabad.

Erectile dysfunction:

 Persistent and recurrent inability to achieve an erection after sexual stimulation.  It is also one of the most common disorders in men. Usually, this problem has a physical cause, such as illness, injury or side effects of certain drugs, says the best sexologist in Faridabad.


Do you feel identified with any of these sexual disorders? You can fix it. The sex treatment in Delhi is very effective and the results obtained very positively. If you are not enjoying your sexuality or need guidance to improve, you can count on our team of sexologist doctor in Delhi whenever you need it, we are here to help you.

What women should not do before having sex

Although some consider themselves to be good connoisseurs of the love arts, it never hurts to listen, or rather to read, advice about intimate life, because it is a fact that even the most skilled women make mistakes before a sexual relationship.

And these unforeseen events, according to sexologist in Noida, "can turn an incredible night into an experience worthy of a therapist's couch. From protecting yourself from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) to avoiding dryness in your female parts or an embarrassing gas. "

On the contrary, if you are in the beginning of your sex life, surely you have read or been advised to pee before and after intercourse to avoid urinary tract infections, it seems logical, but it is also wrong.

The best sexologist in Noida says that before having sexual intercourse it can be counterpunching and increase the chances of developing infections in the urinary tract and vagina.

"Urinating before sex is the number 1 cause of post-coital urinary tract infections, also known as honeymoon cystitis," says the best sexologist doctor in Noida.

According to sexologist doctor in Noida, endure the desire until after intimacy is essential to have a powerful flow of urine to move and eliminate the bacteria that adhere and can be extremely dangerous.

"Bacteria have tiny parts that act like velcro hooks, which allow them to adhere to the urethral mucosa. If the bacteria are not removed, they can reach the bladder where they reproduce and grow rapidly, creating a urinary infection, "says the best sexologist in Gurgaon.

Here we leave you some anti-aphrodisiacs that sexologist in Gurgaon suggests avoiding before your next appointment.  

To drink

Taking a little puts you in the mood, but drinking too much can numb your senses and send your G-spot far away. "Because alcohol is a known depressant, your ability to experience an orgasm can be squandered if you're like a tub," sexologist doctor in Gurgaon explains. In fact, a study from the University of Missouri-St. Louis concluded that 11% of alcohol users have problems reaching orgasm: men who drink a lot have a harder time ejaculating, while women need extra stimulation to reach climax.

Preliminary food

The show of smearing the body with chocolate during the preliminaries puts a lot, but what about the subsequent candidiasis? "Using something with added sugar as a lubricant (whether it's on purpose or not) can cause candidiasis, since infections grow in the sugar," says the best sexologist doctor in Gurgaon.


Antihistamines are used to dry your mucous membranes, to relieve nasal congestion and, therefore, can also dry other parts of your body, especially the vagina, explains sexologist in Ghaziabad. Smooth and flat: no matter how hot you are, your vagina will not be aware of it.

Wake up

If you are one of those women who prefers to have everything shaved, it is better to shave the night before to give your skin the chance to recover, says the best sexologist in Ghaziabad. "Waxing will exfoliate the top layer of the skin, so it will be more sensitive," he adds. "It can irritate the hair follicles, causes a pinkish rash and small cuts, which leaves the skin more exposed to potential infections, such as herpes or HPV [human papillomavirus]."

Eat spicy

"Food can affect vaginal taste and smell," says sexologist in Faridabad. Super spicy food such as jalapeños can cause gas, bloating and swelling that will not go away. And what is worse: it is sadly known that the remains that remain in your hands and in your mouth after the feast will leave the other's genitals red hot.


Six everyday things that are killing your great sexual potency

Everything related to the virile member always greatly affects the male sex. Especially when it comes to something negative, since not only many men believe that their masculinity would be damaged, but also could negatively affect their intimate relationships and, therefore, possibly cause dissatisfaction in their partners, says sexologist in Noida, Delhi.

One of the most common problems is, without any doubt, erectile dysfunction. Currently, it is estimated that about three million Indians have erection problems. It is true that it is more common among older people and that in some cases it is a law of life since as the year’s progress, it is as likely as possible to end up presenting this type of problem. However, in many other cases, erectile dysfunction is a consequence of the life each one leads and of a series of negative habits. Here are some of them explained by the best sexologist in Noida, Delhi.

In men, it can manifest in different ways, but the most common is premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction


Poor nutrition and the absence of sport are the main culprits of many erection problems. Currently, it is estimated that 79% of men with erectile dysfunction suffer from overweight. These figures cannot be clearer if a man wants to stop having erection problems, the first thing he should do is practice more sport, eat healthier, lose weight and get fitter. Not only will your member thank you, but also the rest of your body, which will also end up being positive in your sexual relationships. Two recommended foods to increase erections by the best sexologist doctor in Noida are avocado or watermelon since both cause positive effects on blood circulation. 


Anxiety problems are increasingly common in our society. It is estimated that 40% of the Indian population suffers from this discomfort. In addition to their best-known expressions, anxiety can also affect our sex life. In the case of men, it can manifest in different ways, but the most common is premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. The reason probably lies in how the libido itself changes due to the feeling of anguish and worry. When this occurs it is very possible that one problem gives feedback to another, since the erectile dysfunction possibly generates greater anguish and this worry derives in more nerves and burdens in the next sexual encounter. When this happens you have to put a solution to find calm, more privacy and, above all, not blaming yourself for it, says sexologist doctor in Noida.

Alcohol abuse

Drinking excessively increases the risk of suffering from sexual problems. A study found that around 72% of the men who participated in the study, all drinkers, had different sexual problems, among which highlighted premature ejaculation, low sexual desire, and erectile dysfunction. Perhaps some believe that alcohol is a good way to get rid of the time to meet new people, but it may not be the best idea if you want to finish the job, says sexologist in Gurgaon.

It is estimated that 79% of men with erectile dysfunction have overweight problems

Drug abuse

Everyone is already aware of the numerous negative consequences that drugs have on our body. One of them is the way in which it affects our sexual field. According to a study shows that about 66% of cocaine users suffer from erection problems. One of the reasons is that after the consumption of this substance decreases the circulation of blood through the pelvic area, a necessary aspect for the erection. On the other hand, the consumption of tobacco also has a negative influence, since the abuse of cigarettes causes’ damage to the circulatory system, so that the process of erection will also be hindered when the blood reaches the penis with greater difficulty, says the best sexologist in Gurgaon.

Consumption of soy

Many are the advantages of one of the fashionable foods. However, it also has its negative aspects. As indicated in Yahoo Health, soy has several elements that are negative for male libido. The manifestation of this problem is more common among vegetarians and vegans since the consumption of soy often has greater importance in their diet. The reason is that excessive consumption of this legume can decrease the levels of testosterone in the blood and this hormone has a huge influence on the sexual behavior of men, says the best sexologist doctor in Gurgaon.

Some medications

The consumption of medicines is a great tool when it comes to combating certain health problems, but these can be negative in our sexual life. As indicated in the aforementioned Yahoo Health article, antidepressants can decrease libido and hinder ejaculation. Diuretics, antihypertensive drugs, lower the blood pressure, so they can also make it difficult for it to reach the penis and, therefore, generate erection problems. Something similar happens with antihistamines, so used to combat allergy, since they can decrease blood flow, in addition to other side effects such as drowsiness, says sexologist doctor in Gurgaon.


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